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Joe has extensive experience in site build and management for large-scale outdoor events as well as a Masters degree in Sustainable Architecture. This combination of skills are uniquely well-suited for assessing and designing temporary shelter requirements for refugees and migrants, and for supervising their fabrication and on-site construction. Joe splits the majority of his time between working on-site, and managing both the A Home for Winter  and MSF shelter construction programmes.



Mark is a professional photographer and film producer. He has produced numerous documentaries on human rights issues, including the experiences of migrants and refugees, on behalf of various NGO’s. Mark is the driving force behind A Home for Winter  online presence, and he uses his extensive skills and experience to engage audiences and raise awareness of the plight of refugees and migrants. This is critically important in both pushing for social and political change, and also in raising funds for the shelter building programme.



Lee shares his time between A Home for Winter and his work as a consultant in organisational design and leadership development for blue-chip organisations. He also has a Masters degree in Sustainable Architecture and brings this combined experience to bear in ensuring that the project has the appropriate regulatory structures, frameworks and agreements in place to ensure that it can operate safely and effectively.


Additionally Joe, Lee and Mark all know their way around an impact driver and a chop saw, and are never happier than when getting hands-on with shelter fabrication in the workshop and construction on-site.


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