We can try to match volunteers with the same departure dates but it is your responsibility to organise your own safe transport to and from Calais.


Take your own car or car share. Communicate with friends who also might be volunteering or want to volunteer and share your car. If you are driving down on your own, please share your travel details with us so we can help you fill the empty spaces.

From London it will take you 3 hours if you go via the channel tunnel and 4 hours if you take the ferry from Dover. Useful websites are:


Eurolines (National Express) go direct from London Victoria to Calais. The cheapest way for a solo traveller, and easy as you don't have to change any forms of transport like you would getting a train to Dover then getting the ferry as a foot passenger.

If you select 'Cite Europe' as the destination you'll go thru the Tunnel and if you select 'Port' you'll go on the ferry. It takes around 5 hours and costs between £20 - £35 depending on when you book.


The Eurostar only takes 50 minutes from Kings Cross to Calais. You get what you pay for. Usually around £100 each way. Book ahead though for some bargains as low as £40 each way. Calais (Frethun) station is a 15 minute drive out of the town centre.

Car Hire, Calais

If you have shared a lift down or got public transport then you might want to hire a car whilst in Calais so you can be independent and move around with ease as there is limited public transport in the town itself. Car hire is around €20/day in rented from within the town via:


Here is a list of some accommodation options – if you find anything better please let us know so we can add it.


Available in homes from €15/night in Calais, and you’ll get access to a kitchen which means you’re not obliged to eat in a restaurant and can make eggs in the morning - you will struggle to find anything hotter than a Croissant before noon in France. Ideal for a small groups.

Youth Hostel

It’s fairly basic to be honest but for €17/night it is a safe bet at short notice or a fall back. There are plenty of volunteers staying there so you get more of a social side in the evening. Rooms are generally 2 beds and you might share with a fellow boy/girl if they’re busy and you arrive on your tod.

House Rentals/Gîtes/Cottages

A house is great for a few of you who are coming on similar dates. You’ll get the run of the house and any last minute mates can stay on mattresses in the lounge etc. You don’t need to tiptoe round a live-in owner and can take over the communal areas. It gives you independence. You can a bit by going 10kms out of town.